JOURNACY: [ jur-na-cee ]

A Father's unique Journey to provide Legacy for his children is his JOURNACY. 

The Journacy community and products are intentionally created to support Black dads. Serving fathers as they guide their children to master the purpose for which they were born.

A New Era of Fatherhood

This moment is an era of the Evolved Dad, and we have designed a community with you in mind. It's our mission to join you on your fatherhood Journey and to honor you as you build your fatherhood Legacy.

The Journacy Community

Curated for men that make fatherhood an aspiration.

What's Your Journacy?

Black Dads Smile

Journacy Bag Journacy Keychain


Premier Collection

We believe every dad is on a unique Journey and every father has a one-of-a-kind vision for the Legacy he wants to leave his children.

Premier Collection